North Brisbane's specialist bicycle service centre, custom wheel and bike builder.


Le Service Course.

Located North of Brisbane besides the well-known Petrie roundabout, Le Service Course is a specialist bicyle workshop specialising in building custom wheels and bicycles as well as servicing any make or model bicyle.

With over 20 years professional experience and passion, Le Service Course  is committed to ensuring your ride or commute is enjoyable, efficient and above all else, safe.

Le Service Course has been built around being a destination workshop, believing that people will seek us out and trust we will have their bike riding like the day they got it. We offer professional advice on builds and encourage customers to join us in the process. Getting our customers excited about what excites us is a great way to build a relationship that is far beyond a cash register transaction. Buying a bike off the rack can take 30 minutes, building a bike with us lets us into your world.

Supersix SALE

November 28, 2019

Take flight on the fastest lightweight road bike there is.A pure road bike. The all-new SuperSix EVO is a beautiful evolution of their classic race machine.

Cannondale MY2020 range - Available now

July 15, 2019

The all new Cannondale range for 2020 see's many new models, shapes, designs you know & expect from Cannondale. Contact LSC today for a Pre Order special

Systemsix AXS

April 14, 2019

SystemSix was created with one simple goal in mind - to be the fastest and most efficient UCI-legal road bike in the world.