North Brisbane's specialist bicycle service centre, custom wheel and bike builder.


Le Service Course.

Located North of Brisbane besides the well-known Petrie roundabout, Le Service Course is a specialist bicyle workshop specialising in building custom wheels and bicycles as well as servicing any make or model bicyle.

With over 18 years professional experience and passion, Le Service Course  is committed to ensuring your ride or commute is enjoyable, efficient and above all else, safe.

Le Service Course has been built around being a destination workshop, believing that people will seek us out and trust we will have their bike riding like the day they got it. We offer professional advice on builds and encourage customers to join us in the process. Getting our customers excited about what excites us is a great way to build a relationship that is far beyond a cash register transaction. Buying a bike off the rack can take 30 minutes, building a bike with us lets us into your world.

Mooloolaba Triathlon

March 17, 2019

Mooloolaba is just over a week away! But still not to late to have your bike tuned & race prepped ready for Sundays race. Mooloolaba bikes will have preference next week to get them back to you ASAP. Pre race services from $69.00

Tour de Brisbane

April 14, 2019

The Tour de Brisbane fundraises for the Amy Gillett Foundation by rocking on two wheels and celebrating our City on the bike. This is cycle tourism at its best, featuring closed road rides and a fully supported cycling experience.